Washingtonians at Play

Unchanging pastimes in a changing dc

Washington, D.C. has earned its reputation as a hard-working city of politics and power. But when darkness falls and the weekend dawns, the other Washington lets loose. Hair down, collar relaxed, the city picks up on the latest inning, act, and round of drinks in the ongoing parade that is D.C.'s local tradition of play.

This exhibit captures colorful records from a century of revelry in the nation's capital. Click on the thumbnail images to the right to explore photos and documents by activity. Or hit the "Begin" button below to sift through the exhibit's rich confetti beginning to end.

When viewing any item, be sure to check out the accompanying text for clues to its significance. Click the item to see a larger version. Or click on the "See More" link in the red strip at the bottom of the caption box to discover related items in the collections.

There are many ways to maneuver through this century of fun in D.C. Whatever path you choose, tackle it in the grand Washingtonian tradition: Have fun.